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onemoreword's Journal

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In this community, sentences will be created. Words will be added one at a time by different users.

Build sentences by adding single words. Reply to the original post or to a comment made by another person to continue the sentence.
Put the word you are adding into the subject line of your comment.
Put the whole sentence into the text of your comment (cut and paste).
Sentences should make grammatical sense, but not necessarily thematic sense.

Multiple sentences and branching sentences are fine. Do not feel it is necessary to create only one long sentence.
Spread your words out. Don't feel it is necessary to build only on the same sentence.
Two words are sometimes acceptable, but don't overdo it.
Some games will have special rules. Please be aware of them. If you don't care for said rules, find a different post.

For an example, see this post.

This community is moderated by low_delta. If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail him at his LJ address.